Exclusive FloatingNut Design

The FloatingNut protects the elevating screw and threads from excessive side loading caused by dock-walk; damage which can cause poor cranking performance or binding. Unique twin-bulkheads, above and below the FloatingNut, further increase structural resistance to side-load forces when landing legs are fully extended.

Classic Constant Mesh Gearbox Design

Eliminates high-to-low shifting problems common to traditional landing gear. Using a crankshaft with a roll pin, only the crankshaft moves to engage drive gears. No in-or-out movement of drive gears is required; keeping the gears constantly meshed. This design not only provides smooth shifting under loaded conditions, but also prevents slip cranking and difficult high-to-low shifting in cold weather.

BLACK ARMOUR® Metal Treatment

The BLACK ARMOUR® metal protection process chemically bonds with metal to form a protective skin that is impervious to water and anti-icing chemicals. BLACK ARMOUR® is paint compatible without pre-sanding. If scratched, BLACK ARMOUR® inhibits the spread of creep corrosion.

This eco-friendly metal treatment provides remarkable protection without the added weight and cost of galvanization.

· Guards against environmental factors, e.g. moisture, stone chipping and salt
· No rust penetration
· Long-lasting and reliable retention of value

Crank Hangers

Optional crank hangers are available for your landing gear.

Hand Cranks

Hand cranks are available for your landing gear.

Heavy Duty Sand Shoe

For increased durability in all situations, we offer a heavy duty version of our sand shoe.

Sand Shoe

Our optional sand shoe for your landing gear is useful in keeping a trailer from sinking too deeply in soft terrain.

Shafts and Braces

We have optional shafts and braces for all situations.